amomancies magazine Founded in 2014, amomancies seeks to merge beautiful poetry from around the world with glamour and evocative images to provide a unique reading experience. The magazine is available, for free, for online viewing, and in both digital and full-size glossy editions. Poets wishing to contribute are invited to email their submissions to with the poems in line of the text of the email. This site is currently under redesign, but information on the next few issues will be posted shortly. Please browse our past issues through the online viewer.

Vol 3 Issue 2  5/2017

Cover :  Valentina Kallias

Poets:  Daniel S. McTaggart, Victoria Raine, Hardeep Sabharwal, Amelia Vandergast, Jackie Chou, Angelina Bong , Marianne Peel, Nate Maxson, Anu Mahadev, R.A. Lucas, Surendra Singh, Catherine Katey Johnson, Don Kingfisher Campbell , Robert J.W., Lynn White, John Lombremont, Sr., Jessica Lorraine Zickefoose, Mathias Jansson

Photos:  Valentina Kallias, Jessica Lorraine Zickefoose, Mariya Andriichuk

Vol 3 Issue 1 2/2017

Cover :  Mariya Andriichuk

Poets:  Nivedita Dey, Chris Riddell, Theophile, Kathy Anderson, Deborah Tosun Kilday, Bengt O Bjorklund, William F. DeVault

Photos:  Archangellia, Mariya Andriichuk

Vol 2 Issue 3 2/2016

Cover :  VMP Selene

Poets:  Lynn White, Daniel de Culla, Nivedita Dey, Chris Riddell, N. C. Okonkwo, Strider Marcus Jones, Robert Wilson, Mike Essiq, Kushal Poddar, Percy Bysshe Shelley, William Blake, Lord Byron, William F. DeVault

Photos:  Katy Twist, Kiara Kamra, Mariya Andriichuk, Kalea Molloy, VMP Selene,

Vol 2 Issue 2 11/2015

Cover :  Angela Rashkovska

Poets:  Strider Marcus Jones, Debbie Tosun Kilday, Daniel S. McTaggart, Theophile, Ed Jay, MIchael L. Kilday, Catherine Katey Johnson, Nivedita Dey, Clinton Van Inman, William F. DeVault

Photos:  Mariya Andriichuk, Lee Loo La, Emma van der Stel, Kiara Kamra, Jessia Truscott

Vol 2 Issue 1 8/2015

Cover :  Jessica Lorraine Zickefoose

Poets:  Daniel S. McTaggart*, Jessica Lorraine Zickefoose*, William F. DeVault, Ctistina Umpfenbach-Smyth, Thomas Hardy, Lynn White, Lara Luna, Jeff Barnes, Kathy Anderson, Edilson Afonso Ferreira

Photos:  Jessica Lorraine Zickefoose, VMP Selene, Inga Medvedeva, Mariya Anderiichuk, Goce Alice, Aysha J. Nasser, Bret Dusic

Vol 1 Issue 4 5/2015

Cover :  Mariya Andriichuk

Poets:  Kathy Anderson, Ivana Z. Bogunovic, Ranier Maria Rilke, Kahlil Gibran, William F. DeVault, Lynn White, One Single Rose, Saddiq Dzukogi, D.H. Lawrence, Daniel S. McTaggart, Edilson Afonso Ferreira, Strider Marcus Jones*, Robert Wilson, Amitabh Vikram, Kushal Poddar*,

Photos:  Mariya Andriichuk, Ifigenia Tsitsa, Llancary, Nina Sever, Milena Koles, Marion Volant,

Vol 1 Issue 3 2/2015

Cover :  Ifigenia Tsitsa

Poets:  Lord Byron, William Butler Yeats, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Browning, Kathy Anderson, Adrian Ernesto Ceeda, Amberly Mason, Amitabh Vikram, Dante Aligheri, William F. DeVault, Johann Wilfgang von Goethe, Strider Marcus Jones, Shloka Shankar, Jeff Barnes

Photos:  Mariya Andriichuk, Ifigenia Tsitsa, VMP Selen, Birthday29, Aysha J. Nasser, Stephanie van Rijn

Vol 1 Issue 2 11/2014

Cover :  Cristina Otero

Poets:  Daniel S. McTaggart*, Amberly Mason*, Jeff Barnes, Brendan Sullivan*, Theodore Webb*, Kathy Amderson, Amitabh Vikram, Larry Jaffe, John Keats, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Edgar Allan Poe, Sir Walter Raleigh, Ralph Waldo Emerson

Photos:  Mariya Andriichuk, Ifigenia Tsitsa, VMP Selene, Hannah Johansson, Plush, Cristina Otero, Lora Palmer

Vol 1 Issue 1  8/2014

Cover :  Mariya Andriichuk

Poets:  William F. DeVault

Photos:  Mariya Andriichuk, VMP Selene, Cristina Otero, Georgiana Saunders, Ann-Michelle Costilow, Marlita Polner, Ifigenia Tsitsa


(Proof of concept issue)


*Poets Daniel S. McTaggart, Jessica Lorraine Zickefoose, Kushal Poddar, Theodore Webb, Brendan Sullivan, Amberly Mason, and Strider Marcus Jones have received nominations for the Pushcart Prize for their poetry appearing in amomancies

 The next issue is scheduled for August 1, 2017 and will feature the theme "PAIN"